Evolve Volumizer is a unique wearable solution with a poly-mesh base that is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and self-molds to the head. The volumizer allows the scalp to breathe, doesn't trap or hold water, is completely flexible, and causes no damage to existing hair. It has a natural and invisible part and is hand-tied so it moves and feels like your own hair. Clients with thinning hair are the best candidates for Evolve Volumizer. 

100% European hair full wigs  

Sophisticated, natural and lightweight.  These are some of the most beautiful wigs in the world. With a light denier hair premium lace and an innovative cap construction, the wigs come alive with your natural movement and make a perfect fit. There are different options for client who had lost their hair completely, underwent chemo therapy, or for clients who are looking to add more hair, volume and length.

Every client has different needs, so we recommend you come in for a consultation.  There is a $50 charge for a 30 minute consultation. However, when  you purchase a wig or a hair system from us, the $50 fee will be applied towards your purchase.

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Millions of Women and Men suffer from hair loss and thinning hair more than 60 million in the U.S. alone. We are proud to provide each of our clients with the very latest advances in hair replacement technology for male and female hair loss suffering from Alopecia, balding and thinning hair. 

We offer full wigs, custom hair systems, and hair extensions. All of the available options will suit your individual needs.  

  • 100% Human Hair /Synthetic Fiber
  •  Colors: over 40 shades available.  
  • Densities: Light, Medium and High
  • Texture: Straight, Body Wave, Curly 
  • Non-Damaging, non-Invasive
  • Method of attachment: Adhesive,  tapes 
  • Clips, Micro rings or grip 
  • Full Wigs & Partial Hair Systems